Monday, April 18, 2011


Gavin is really getting into sports. I have to admit, it's fun to see. Monte is thrilled. He and Gavin have enthusiastically found some common ground... Playing catch is a new part of our post supper-time routine... much to my chagrin, playing catch is no longer just an outside game... *sigh*

Each evening, as Gavin recalls the activities of the day, he tells tales of recess time filled with basketball, soccer or football games. (It's especially entertaining to hear him talk about football plays!)

Last week, in addition to his story about playing football at recess, Gavin had a swollen finger and a reenactment of an especially daring and spectacular catch. Although his finger was sore and really swollen, he could move it a little and he didn't seem too bothered by it. I taped his pinky and neighboring ring finger together and sent him off to bed. The following day, in addition to the swelling, we now had a black and blue finger and palm.

At this point I was concerned, but still Gavin wasn't in too much pain and my Mayo book said that swelling and bruising was normal for a sprain... after all, it's just a jammed finger, right? Nope. We finally took him in today since it was still a puffy mess, and the x-rays confirmed a fractured finger.

That means Gavin is on the disabled list until further notice. No more football, soccer or basketball at recess. He's going to have to cool it for a while until we figure out what's next. And what can possibly come next?!

Ellie also had a trip to the Dr.'s office today... she decided to break a fall at daycare with her face. She ended up with a little bit of a bruise on her forehead, some cuts on the inside of her lip and a swollen nose. (Knowing our luck, the black eyes will come tomorrow.) I kept my hysterics to a minimum, and after a call to the nurse line, we took Ell to the doctor. She's in good spirits and the doctor gave her two thumbs up. She was so good in fact that we decided to give her the 12 month immunizations that she was needing. I know... I know... but my logic was to get all of the yucky stuff out of the way at once. Poor Ellie.

I shudder to think what's next. Thankfully, Benett's healthy as a horse. All of that dirt-eating has his tolerance built up to super-natural levels... but I'm knocking on wood anyway.

I know every day is supposed to be an adventure, but seriously, I'm ready for boring. We've had enough 'adventure' in the last week to last us a good long while.

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