Monday, April 25, 2011

Gavin's Easter

Each year as Gavin gets older, the morning ritual has gradually become a little bit later and later.

Gavin has always been our early riser. Even as a baby, he'd wake early and them squeal until we came to rescue him from his crib. At about 10 months, when he started to walk and grow impatient when we didn't come to retrieve him as quickly as he'd like, he began liberating himself in the morning. He'd hoist himself up and throw a leg over the edge of the crib and then slide/fall down to freedom.

It was a shock the first time he came running into our bedroom in the early morning hours, as a 10 month-old. Eventually we gave up the charade, and removed the rail from his crib. (That was a sad day for me... I knew we'd be chasing him all over the house at all hours of the day and night.)

I love this picture of baby Gavin. Doesn't Ellie have an uncanny (brown-eyed) resemblance to Gavin as a baby? I love how much alike the two of them look. The picture of Gavin also shows just how happy he was a a baby... He's still a happy, joyful child. Hope that continues... it will serve him well in life.

Gavin still gets up early, but now it's a 6:30-ish early, which on the weekend is as close to sleeping in as we get. On Easter Sunday I was prepared for a really early morning, which didn't end up to be so early after all. Gavin came upstairs close to his usual time... and I had to go wake Benett. It was a nice treat.

All three children got into the Easter Egg hunting action. They all seemed to enjoy themselves. It was fun to watch them... although I'm sure I'll be mortified to see the video that Monte took. I know I was 'bossing' Gavin around... He just gets so excited and is not unlike a tornado swirling around the house. My intentions were good.... I was only trying to give the two little ones a chance to discover and claim at least a couple of the eggs hidden around the house.... Oh well... I guess those little videos are supposed to be snapshots in time, rather than these perfect vignettes... or the stuff of inspiration for the likes of Norman Rockwell. That's hard to admit, when we try so hard to make everything "perfect."

This picture of Gavin on Easter morning is great. It's him to a T! Shirtless - it must be some kind of boy instinct... I can't explain his need to be shirtless... Exuberant - his immediate reaction to finding an egg was to shout "I found one!" and then proceed to vigorously shake it... Resourceful - I enjoyed watching the way he held his basket, never seemingly bothered about his status as a temporary righty.

In the end I think Gavin had a great day, despite my 'bossiness.' At bedtime, while we're snuggling, I usually ask what his favorite part of the day was... on this evening I was expecting to hear him say how much he loved the candy and 'stuff' he received... but Gavin, who never ceases to amaze replied instead, "My favorite part of today is right now, here with you mommy."

This little boy has taught me so very much about what it means to love... to really love. He has helped me to understand that "love" isn't a happy ending, but rather a journey. One I'll happily take with him, each day, for the rest of my life.

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  1. OMG...look at how adorable he looks. I remember those days of baby Gavin. So sweet and emotional. He's grown up so fast. This post brought tears to my eyes. You're such a beautiful mother Megan...this is what you were born to do. I'm honored to call you my friend.