Wednesday, April 27, 2011


The business of consolidating one company into another is not an easy one. I get that. We're all under a lot of pressure. There are many, many decisions to be made. Some are easy... clear cut. Others are much more detailed and require teams of people working on behalf of both companies to sort things out. In that process there is bound to be confusion, communication challenges and mistakes made along the way.

I'm not suggesting that this tricky situation should be easy. It's not. I'm not suggesting that there shouldn't be mistakes. There are. It happens. We're human.

Some of the humans in this process are working hard, to make things happen... good things... Other humans are working hard to find a stage on which to ingratiate themselves to both the current and new company leadership. In the process these humans are ruffling feathers. Mine today... well, they were especially disheveled.

Fortunately, up until now, the only real ruffles in my life have been in Ellie's wardrobe. I'm just nuts for ruffled pants! So much so that I've found myself on the lookout for plain leggings to embellish... like these that Ellie sported this weekend. I think they're cute.

Maybe it's just me, but I think that when she's wearing them, she seems to have a little extra sass in her typically mild-mannered little self... I think ruffled buns have a tendency do that to a person.

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