Monday, April 11, 2011


Like many, I've been headed down a path in my professional life without paying much attention. I have worked hard... made sacrifices. I've been fortunate to have some degree of success. But somehow it feels like I've just been following a path that was laid out for me. The path was clear. It wasn't  always 'easy' but it was obvious what I should do.

Today I suddenly looked up and am wondering how I got to this point. It's like going for a walk, and becoming lost in thought... when you come around again you know generally how you got to where you are, but don't really remember the details...

This is not the path that I had envisioned for myself as an idealistic college student completing a degree and contemplating where it might take me... a college student imagining what it meant to be a 'business professional' created a different picture in my 20-something brain. Yet if I knew then what I know now, I'd realize that successful and blessed are two completely different things. And even if I'm not the picture of 'success' I feel very deeply blessed.

Nonetheless, here I am. And today my path is suddenly less clear. There is now a fork in the road. A fork and a decision. Do I keep headed straight and true down my path? Or do I veer right?

Forget about comfortable and familiar... Those two things will be more elusive in the days/weeks/months to come. I'm sure they'll come around again, things always seem to work out... but until that happens I'll be waiting here. At the fork in my road, considering which way to go.


  1. You have written a beautiful and very meaningful post.. I think we can define our own measure of success.... we just have to believe in ourselves -- set our standards, meet and live by them... Integrity ...I believe falls into both categories... One has to be blessed to know what it is to live with integrity and work with integrity... There will always be a fork or bump in the road.... growing up is learning tht it's okay to make a choice and accept it... easier said then done.

  2. Thank you for your words! I love the perspective... you are right... it is easier said than done, but worth striving for each day no matter where the fork may lead.