Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Have you heard the news? Monte and I are taking a little vacation... Just the two of us.

No stroller. No diaper bag. No car seats. No little people. We're very excited. (Maybe I'll even go so far as to say giddy... maybe.)

Our bags are packed (almost) and we're heading out for 5 days. And although I can say that we're on the verge of giddy now, tomorrow afternoon when we're a thousand or so miles from the little people... we won't be giddy anymore. Yes, we'll still be happy to enjoy a break, but I know we'll be missing the kids already. We'll start wondering what and how everyone is doing...

The upside is that I know the little people will have a great time. They'll get to hang out with two of their favorite people - Nana & Bapa! Who knows... maybe the kids will even miss us a little. And perhaps they'll even be excited to see us when we get home... I can bet that Nana and Bapa will be.

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