Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Lately I've been in a reminiscing phase. It seems like the bigger and more independent the children get, the more frequently I dig back into my memories to recall them as babies... or smaller versions of the people they've grown into.

There is something comforting about this process. It's like wrapping the precious memories around you and experiencing them over again as an older (and hopefully wiser) individual... it's real and grounding and has been helpful in these uncertain times. It's reminded me that these are the things that matter... really matter... and there is no life event... no person... who can take these things from me. They are deeply personal. They are mine, forever and for always.

Benett wasn't even 12 hours old when this picture was taken. I can remember every second of these moments when Gavin met his baby brother. We were deliriously happy and terrified all at once. Things seemed simpler then. I know they weren't... they were just different.

At some point down the road I'll look back on the stage the kids are at now and become nostalgic... Benett's funny sense of humor and strong-willed self, Gavin singing the sweetest made-up songs to pacify his baby sister, and Ellie's funny toothless grin that has the power to transform even the dreariest day into something special...

We're still deliriously happy and terrified all at once. And that is good enough for me.

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