Tuesday, April 12, 2011


With the wind in my face and the landscape whirring past, I'm racing towards an end. Not the finish line, things are not that definitive.

The choice of word 'race' is also subject to scrutiny... but the pace has been accelerated and in my role as a mother of boys, going fast means racing.

Today went fast. Today felt like a race. I'm racing to deliver information. The fact that so much emphasis is placed on providing facts, making people comfortable and being transparent in these actions is a relief and a comfort. It makes my job measurably easier.

These actions are not unlike the job of parenting.
Teaching is sharing information.
Mothering is explaining reality and helping those who are dependent on you comfortable with that reality and their role in it.
Patience is understanding that the teaching/learning and mothering/comforting isn't always easy, but with it comes great reward.
Loving is knowing all of the above, and regardless of the difficulty and sacrifice, doing anyway because the people are what is most important.

In business and in parenting there are sacrifices and great rewards... life lessons that forever shape and change who we are... no matter which path we choose.

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