Monday, December 26, 2011


The holiday weekend seems like a blur. Seldom are they not... but that constant motion goes with the territory in the place where three little people and the most magical day of the year come together.

A little like this picture, blurry because he got just what he wanted most and standing still wasn't an option. Gavin is a happy child. He usually has a smile on his face and tries to make the best out of most situations. But this picture is pure joy. I love to see him so genuinely happy.

The little ones contented themselves with their own toys and each others. They were happy to share with each other, which was a Christmas miracle.

The night got to be quite late... but true to form, the little ones were up by 7 am. As you can see by the looks on their faces... they were all tired on Christmas morning. (Although... Ellie has that look on her face frequently... not sure what that's all about.)

If you think they look a little bleary-eyed... you should have seen the photographer. Yikes. Tired doesn't come close to describing Monte and me. Waiting up for Santa is a tiring business.

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