Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Have I mentioned that there is one person in particular who is smitten with the gals? And actually, I think for the chicken pictured here, she feels the same.

Benett has become a little chicken wrangler. And much to Ellie's chagrin, this gal follows the wrangler (and undoubtedly Ellie) around every chance she gets. That has more to do with  Benett feeding her each worm he finds (which seems to be a lot, for some reason).

Notice that the other birds are not in the frame of these pictures. That's because they're smart and don't have the same level of affection for Benett... they've opted for a cautious (borderline hysterical) approach, which also means they're not frequently found in close proximity.

For as much as Benett loves these critters, Ellie doesn't. Simply put, she freaks out whenever they come near her. She's not a fan. However, she's got a good case of the "me too's"... which means if Benett's holding a bird, she'll at least touch it. (As far from the beak as possible.)

To tell you the truth, I'm with Benett. I think the gals are really entertaining and have been a lot of fun. And what's better than pets who contribute to breakfast?


  1. Benett is the best little chicken rancher, wait until he's ready to squeeze other gals.

    1. I think all gals (human and otherwise) should be cautious when it comes to Benett. :)