Monday, March 7, 2011


For me, watching Ellie learn to walk is like watching as someone else plays a fast paced video game. I can’t relax and simply watch, it’s a work out!
I’ll lean this way then that way, brace myself, and then gasp as she corrects her balance at the last possible moment. I tense up and hold my breath when Ellie falls, to see if she’ll cry. (Trying the whole time not to look concerned or she’ll cry for sure.)
It’s tough learning a new skill. But for little girls, not only do they need to learn how to put one foot in front of the other… they need to learn how to do it while making sure they’re not exposing themselves. Walking and dresses is a complicated combination.
The whole process is bittersweet. We love to watch Ellie learning new things. It’s so fun to share in her excitement. But our baby isn’t such a baby anymore. Today she’s walking, tomorrow she’ll be running and then what… senior prom and a driver’s license?

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