Friday, March 11, 2011


I wasn't expecting it. I wasn’t even consciously hoping for it. But deep down in my soul I needed a little girl.

Low and behold, one year ago on this day, our little Ellie Page was born. She came into the world chubby and pink, the polar opposite of both of her brothers. They were both small and reserved, dare I say even quiet.

Not Ellie. She came into the world howling.

Despite her noisy entrance, her life in the womb was quiet. She was an easy passenger. She didn’t cause me any nausea. No paralyzing heartburn. My energy level was pretty good for the most part too. She was easy-going. Uncomplicated.

One year later, she’s still easy-going and uncomplicated. She's one of the most content children I've ever known. She’s still chubby and pink - cherubic. I love her. I can’t imagine life without her.

At 9:36 PM tonight, I’ll have been holding Ellie in my arms for exactly one year. But it turns out I've been holding her in my heart for my whole life.

Happy Birthday, Ellie Page. Mommy loves you.

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