Wednesday, March 23, 2011


For the past 12 months, I could count on one thing... A softly lit room and a seat on a comfy chair for Ellie's evening bottle.

I loved the way she looked up at me. And in that quiet time, could see the world in her mystery colored eyes.

Like clockwork, after a couple of minutes her eyelids would become too heavy... her arms would go up and her hands would find her fuzzy blondish hair. I can still tell when she's about to fall asleep, when she plays with her hair.

I still cherish that time. I will forever and always.

But now that she no longer takes a bottle, I've been trying to find a new ritual. Time spent together, just the two of us to quietly reflect on the day. Tonight we figured it out.

We have a different comfy chair now, in Ellie's softly lit room. Listening to music while quietly rocking and reflecting. It's a respite for me... and for Ell? Well it only took her a couple of minutes to put her hands in her hair, silently telling me it is the perfect new ritual for her too.

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