Thursday, March 3, 2011


When things are going your way, it seems as though you can just glide through anything, doesn't it? It’s like a perfectly folded paper airplane slicing through the air. Gliding along, straight and true.
Gliding feels great.
If yesterday I was gliding, then today my paper airplane was folded funny and didn't fly at all. I couldn't fly straight, and eventually I began to spiral downward. I tried to right myself, but to no avail.
Today was rough. Nothing seemed to go my way. Each email, every phone call, around every corner there seemed to be a new issue that elicited a feeling of angst.
I left the office at 5:26. I had more to do. But I left anyway. I thought that if I got out of there, the remainder of my day would improve. But my theory didn't hold true.
I’m not sure if there was more of the same at home, or if I was still reeling from the bad day at work. There seemed to be a lot more noise at home tonight. Why does that always seem to be the case, when a hushed tone and a sense of peace are needed most?
I have to go back to the office tomorrow, but trust me… it’s the last place I want to think about right now. At least the kids are in bed. I’m not sure how we accomplished that without major drama. But they’re tucked away, hopefully dreaming sweet dreams.
I’d like to tuck myself into bed too and end my bad day once and for all. But things are quiet. I can almost feel that sense of peace growing. Maybe if I give it some time I will have the energy to mentally re-fold my paper airplane and get things in order so I can glide through tomorrow and into the weekend.

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