Friday, March 4, 2011


As a mother, having a routine is a necessity. With it, we all stay on track. We know what to expect and when to expect it. With a routine we get to school and daycare on time. Without it, chaos reigns and things just don’t feel right.
Basically, a routine keeps us all happy.
At the office, a routine is an okay thing when it comes to basic task management. There is a level of comfort in a weekly meeting, or a daily check of web stats. But when it comes to being creative, a routine can make me complacent.
That is the upside of travel. Don’t get me wrong, being away from my family and my home is tough. But being on the road is a great way to keep things fresh. It’s an opportunity to learn about other markets. It’s an opportunity to expose yourself to new cultures and people... to see your world in a new way.
For kids, there is no need to get on an airplane or learn a complex new business/product line in order to jump start the creativity. All they need is to be held upside down for 10 seconds and their world is transformed.
If it were only that easy for us adults... I'd stand on my head once a day if that would make me more creative. Maybe I'll start tomorrow. It can be a part of my new routine.

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