Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Fat Tuesday is a day of indulgence. It's that one last day before the solemn time of reflection and deprivation that is Lent.

To be honest, I haven't ever really given much thought to a Fat Tuesday celebration at our house. The day only seems like an opportunity to justify this idea that more is better. I can't really get behind that... especially when we're trying to teach the little people about limits and moderation.

If Lent is about reflection and prayer, then perhaps today should be more of an outward celebration of life. Celebrating the vibrancy of our lives. Enjoying the boisterous nature of children and families. So in that way we did celebrate Fat Tuesday - big time!

Things were so vibrant in fact, that I decided everyone should go to bed early. This Fat Tuesday has also made me realize that my Lent will certainly be prayer filled... I'll be praying for patience... lots and lots of patience.

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