Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Things with Santa are touch and go at our house right now. Gavin really wants to believe... but he's getting suspicious. Benett, on the other hand, is suspicious of just about everyone.

So last night, when I asked B if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap, he said "sure." He sat perched, neutrally... took the requisite picture and then promptly asked if he could please have a candy cane.

Santa always wants to know what little boys and girls want most for Christmas, so that's precisely what he asked Benett... to which he replied, "Only a candy cane. Please."

With the goods in hand, he jumped off Santa's knee to find someone to unwrap said candy cane.

I thought we'd made it. Skated through another Santa moment without any beans being spilled.We made it out to the van, got everyone buckled in... and that's when he saw it... Gavin saw Santa getting into a car. "There he is. He's getting into a car, Mom." His voice, thickened with suspicion.

I had to hustle. Think... think...think... In a moment of panic I said, "Of course Santa is getting into a car. He's using that car to get back to the reindeer who are in a field somewhere, eating hay and oats, no doubt."

Gavin's reply, "Uh-huh..."

Benett was too busy eating his candy cane, to care how Santa was getting back home. I don't think he cares if Santa is "real" or not... he's just in it for the candy.

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