Wednesday, December 28, 2011


One of the best things about this time of the year, for me, is the tradition of it all.

There are so many things that I recall as a child that define Christmas for me. Some are as simple as the food prepared and eaten at Christmastime. Some sights and sounds, like our little church on Christmas eve, have this ability to bring so many memories flooding back.

Monte and I are trying to carry on those traditions and experiences from our childhoods, as well as establishing some of our own.

This year, Ryan brought Christmas Crackers for the little people. I'd never heard of them, but instantly loved them, when these little wrapped tubes had the ability to make three very excited little ones sit still and quiet.

I loved how they forced us all to sit together, in a circle, crossing arms and linking each of us to the next... the little people and the adults alike, leaning forward in quiet anticipation.

The crackers weren't elaborate... filled with paper crowns, small candies, fortune fish... and the idea of a new tradition.

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