Tuesday, December 20, 2011


There are a number of things about being a parent that have the ability to send a cold shiver of fear down one's spine. I've come to realize that one of the scariest things for me involves the phrase, "I want to pour."

As soon as any one of them picks up the ketchup, syrup, ranch or any other liquid; Monte and I rush to the offending little person... in sync, urgently saying "Be careful! Not too much!"

To which the offending little person says, "I am being careful!"

I think it must be my sharp inhalation/gasp that makes the offending little person dump what always amounts to be "way too much" of whichever liquid they're "helping" to pour.

In the end, the puddle of liquid ends up getting happily sopped, scooped and slurped. Or in Ellie's case with ranch... she'll use her 'ranch spoon' which is more commonly known as a carrot... to clean up her plate.

Parenting is a fearful business. I knew this. I just had NO IDEA that most of that fear would happen at the dinner table.

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