Friday, December 2, 2011


He lost his coat today. You know, the brand new one. The one he's worn three times.

How someone loses a down-filled winter coat... when it's freezing - literally freezing - outside... is beyond me.

He walked into the house coatless and cold, with eyes averted and a sheepish face. He knew I would be furious. After all, he misplaced his brand-new-only-been-worn-once-boots yesterday... forcing us back to the school, retracing his steps last night.

I'm still mad, but the extent of his compunction has helped to cool me off. He's a little boy... these things will happen... I understand that. But I don't understand how do you lose a coat, in 25 degree weather? Why does the lost article have to be brand-new?

Tomorrow will be a new day... it will be cold and snowy, keeping the coatless boy inside with me, instead of outside playing. That might be punishment enough.

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