Sunday, December 18, 2011


I'm considering using this method to tuck the little people in for the night... rolling each of them into a blanket, so they can't climb out of bed sounds like a perfect plan for a full night's sleep.

Benett is a midnight marauder. Unfortunately, I'm getting used to him, standing silently beside my bed between the hours of 3-4am. I hardly ever scream anymore.

Now we have to contend with Ellie, who is going through a fearless streak. This little daredevil has started to scale the side of her crib to liberate herself. At least she has the decency to wait until 6-ish

But Gavin... there's a boy after my own heart. He sleeps like a rock. Even when we wake him up, I'm not entirely sure he's really awake.

Back when I had the opportunity to delight in a lengthy slumber, I was just like Gavin. But now... well now I think I'm in a constant state of awake. Even when my eyes are closed, I feel a little too close to being alert. I know that someday I'll get to practice regular sleep again. But until then, I'll be considering this new technique.

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