Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Christmas is right around the corner. As we make our preparations and celebrate our traditions, it's fun to see each of the little people enjoying the activities from their unique vantage points. But it's especially exciting to watch as Benett grows to understand the magic of this holiday season.

He's excited and cautious all at once... decorating the tree, opening the advent calendar, making cookies, and even doing crafty projects... he's soaking it all up with a special brand of gusto that's all Benett.

Ellie follows along, excited because her brothers have set that tone. Gavin is starting to be skeptical, yet still holding out hope for the REAL Santa. But Benett... he's genuinely enjoying the newness of this thing called Christmas. It's infectious, listening to him sing holiday songs. One can't help but smile to watch as he carefully adjusts ornaments on the tree and examines the carefully wrapped packages below.

The twinkle in Benett's eye and all of the excitement that the little people have, has helped remind me of the meaning of Christmas... that the love God has bestowed upon us is the love for one another. The greatest thing that we've each been given is the gift of those we love and hold dear. And our ability to enjoy seeing those we love most, delight in the traditions that we've created is indeed something to treasure.

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