Sunday, December 4, 2011


The ground and everything else has been covered with a layer of white. It's amazing how all of the mundane things that we look past each day, take on an interesting new light when covered in snow.

We hardly noticed the crab apples, when the Maple trees are showing off their fall color... now all of those beautiful leaves have blown away and the quiet little apples that we didn't notice before, look like jewels adorning the cold and snowy branches.

Those little apples remind me of my children in some ways. I feel like sometimes parts of them get overlooked. especially when life gets hectic. Today Gavin and I enjoyed the sacrament of penance. It's a lovely opportunity to begin anew, to look at my life in a new way... It was a lovely experience, out of which I'm choosing to see the best of the little people... to see past the frustrations... to notice the little jewels even when there is no snow.

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