Tuesday, December 27, 2011


If shopping were only this idyllic... a relatively quiet store, with a compliant baby who is happy to be buckled into the cart.

I'm sure that in this lovely store I'd be able to find all of the things that I'm looking for, and a few that I didn't know I 'needed.' In this store there are no unhappy children to be toted along. In this store that woman who walks slowly and erratically in front of you, obliviously chatting on her cell phone, blocking the isle and not allowing anyone to pass... in this store she doesn't exist.

Alas... I don't think such a place exists for adults. But in Miss Ellie's store, she happily shops with a cart full of babies and what ever she can manage to pry away from her brothers. Thankfully, she hasn't attempted to talk on the phone while pushing her cart around the house. You'll be happy to know that I will intervene if that ever happens.

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