Monday, December 12, 2011


People are a lot like quilts. Stitched together, all of the different pieces have the opportunity to collectively make something very beautiful or unique.  Some quilts are orderly… neat and tidy with a predictable pattern. Others are random… haphazard and crazy, but beautiful nonetheless.

I’ve grown to consider all of the people that I work with as one of these haphazard quilts. We are a collection of people from different walks of life, interwoven with a common thread, which is a passion for the work that we collectively do... and a genuine admiration and appreciation for one another.

As the business dismantles the quilt and different pieces are removed, those remaining becomes incomplete. Forever changed, those who remain feel such loss. We lose friends, with the realization that we may not have the opportunity to cross paths again. We mourn even those that we know we’ll see again.

On Friday, more of our friends moved on to new adventures. Each on a new path, to become part of a new patchwork quilt. I miss those people... some of them are dear friends who have changed me forever... Friends I'll never forget. Others, acquaintances who I didn't know well enough... yet still hugged me close... our simple quilt being enough to bind us together.

Life goes on for all of us... but the lesson for me is to appreciate everyone in my quilt. To recognize that each patch is beautiful and interesting... and without each, there would be no whole.

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