Monday, August 29, 2011


The days are decidedly shorter. In order to get the chicken chores done before dark, our whole evening routine has been accelerated. Even so, the sun has usually set by the time I've finished up outside.

Tonight as I was wrapping up and getting ready to head up to the compost heap, I heard the dog growling. It was a low, yet insistent sound that grew more intense as I approached. That made me a bit nervous. You see, I've been expecting intruders since the gals arrived. They must smell irresistible to coyotes or raccoons or the like... so I've been on the lookout. And Jackson being the good protector that he is, I know he's been on the lookout as well.

Well on this dimly lit night, with the dog growling and the sun fully set, I figured the time had come. By the time I'd processed all this; the dog was jumping and barking. Lunging at the intruder. I grabbed a spade from the barn and headed over to see what he was after. I had an image of a big lumbering raccoon in my mind's eye.

As I walked closer and still couldn't see what the dog was after I became confused. By now Jackson is barking hysterically and slobbering profusely. With spade in hand I cautiously approached.... to find a toad.

Although the toad pictured above was found yesterday at Benett's birthday party, the offending party tonight wasn't much bigger. Apparently, to a dog in the waning light of a summer day, they look ferocious.

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