Friday, August 12, 2011


Our little gals have been flourishing in their new environment. It's amazing how quickly they've grown in a weeks time. Not only have they grown size wise, but they've really each settled in and developed an obvious pecking order.

They are quite entertaining to watch and everyone, including the dog, enjoy spending time near their enclosure. (Although the dog would like to spend more time IN the enclosure, as evidence by the digging he's doing around the fence.) It's especially fun to watch them chase crickets. They gobble them up quicker than quick. It's impressive, how fast they can be.

All three have grown quite tame and seem to enjoy our company as well. They are comfortable enough with me to let me stroke their feathers. And they seem to enjoy pecking at the polka-dots on my wellies.

I have only one concern about the gals... my concern is that I don't believe this one is a 'gal' at all.

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