Wednesday, August 3, 2011


We decided that tonight was a great night for a walk.

Everyone is full of energy as we set out. The boys race each other down the path. Monte chases after with Ellie perched on his back. I purposely lag behind... mostly to snap a few pictures... but I also know that it won't take long before Benett's short little legs start to slow down and grow tired.

Before long he asks to hold my hand. He grasps my finger tightly. It's almost as though he's drawing energy from me in order to carry on. No matter the reason for it, I love holding his hand. It doesn't happen as often as I'd like anymore.

By this time, Gavin is so far ahead we can barely see him. The dog stays close to him and I can hear Gavin chattering... I'm not sure if he was talking to himself or  to Jackson. Both are good company.

As we pass through a waterway that is filled with clover, we can't help but notice the bees.

Benett "Mom! Hey Mom!"
Me "What do you see Benett?"
Benett "Look there! It's a Bumble Beast!"

I can't help but laugh.

Benett doesn't think it is so funny. He doesn't want to get "stinged" so we don't pause for long.

We have a destination. Nobody wants to stop... so we keep walking and arrive at the farm.

Everyone is less energetic, Benett can't walk any longer... his short little lets are too tired...

Then he sees the machine shop, and he runs.

Gavin runs too.

Jackson chases a cat.

Ellie is still perched.

Monte and I are content.

Everyone is happy. (Except the cat.)

Tonight was a great night for a walk.

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