Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Yesterday, late in the afternoon, we returned from our time at the lake. We had a nice time.

It was especially fun to see all of the cousins interacting. At many times, they seemed to act as one. Like a flock of birds, flitting from one thing to the next.

They boys spent most of their time in the water. Gavin just couldn't get enough of it. He'd jump off the dock and swim to the beach... over and over. They had so much fun, much of the time they couldn't be troubled to come in and eat.

Benett enjoyed the water too. He's much more cautious about it, but loved floating in the tubes nonetheless. He also played in the sand... hauling and driving his imaginary implements. I thought he'd enjoy collecting some of the mussel shells... but he did not like the shells. He didn't like walking by them, so I didn't even try to get him to pick one up.

Ellie was less fond of the water. She screeched the whole time I tried to pull her chubby legs through the openings in a floaty. Once she got in it and we started to wade in the warm water... feeling the ebb and flow of the lake... she relaxed. She smiled. But she would not let go of my finger.

Coming home from all of that activity was a let down. Even though I was ready to sleep in my own bed again, I felt that sadness too. Gavin was especially down in the dumps. He's such a vibrant boy... to see him like that was tough.

I just wanted so much to see him laughing and smiling again. But the mom in me paused. Making him smile would have made me feel better, and it might have made him happy in the moment. It may have even made him forget that he was blue. But he needed to be able to feel those real feelings. To be sad and know that those feelings are okay to feel, and to think about why he felt that way. It was a lesson for both of us.

We all awoke this morning rested. Ready to tackle the day, and happy to be home.

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