Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This picture is making me smile tonight.

That says a lot, because tonight I don't really feel like smiling. There's no one reason why... some days are just like that, I guess.

You know the days when things come more difficult than necessary. When things seem to require twice as much effort as the reserve holds. When kids don't want to cooperate. When kids seem incapable of listening to reason. When little things get under that tough layer of skin.

Yet, this picture has made me smile.

It's a picture of two souls who seem so similar ... an older version of one and a younger version of the other. Two souls destined to influence each other, in ways neither may yet know.

They've managed to make me smile when a smile seemed so unlikely... helping to wrap up a day in a more positive way... nudging me to reflect on this day and consider what I can do differently tomorrow... replenishing the reserves and helping me to prepare for another day.

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