Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There is nothing quite so demoralizing as shopping for a bathing suit, in the middle of January. I knew this, yet I did it anyway.

I perused a couple of racks at the mall, finding not one... not two... but three combinations that I thought showed some promise. All of the swimwear looked so bright and cheerful, just the shot of color and inspiration of warmer weather to come that helps to push one through the winter doldrums.

With my selections in hand, I strode purposefully into the fitting room. After 15 horrifying minutes, I walked out with the least hateful of the three options and a new understanding... Bodies which reside in my climate are intended to be covered, fully and in layers, in these winter months. Those brightly colored suits should have come with warning labels. (And the contact information for several personal training options.)

Thankfully, I have some time before we jet off to a location where my new attire is a requirement... I have some time to come to grips with my winter self, which is a good thing. I have a feeling that it might take a while to be okay with my personal version of winter white.

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