Monday, January 28, 2013


I'd like to think that we're getting beyond the sniffles and colds in our house... but the truth is, I think things may linger like this for a bit. Ellie still doesn't seem quite herself and even though Monte is feeling better, he too isn't back to 100%.

To add insult to that injury, the weather has been frightful. The little people haven't been outside to burn off energy for such a long time. I can't recall the last time we were outside for any length of time. They need to get out and run... breathing in the fresh air, even if it's cold, would be good for them. However, in this neck of the woods, we have been blanketed in ice.

I hate to think of it as pretty... because it's been such a pain to deal with... but the consistent coating has transformed mundane things like this gate panel into something more interesting. It's also 'interesting' to try to open said gate panel. The ice has coated every exposed surface making it nearly impossible to get around, and the gals are a mess. I think we're all praying for something different... either spring or winter would be fine... just not both at once.

Since spring won't be here anytime soon, we'll be attempting to make the best of this. I'm not sure how successful w

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