Wednesday, January 2, 2013


This year, I had plans to savor the holiday season. I finished my work assignment just a few days before Christmas which meant that I had a time to focus on getting things wrapped up (literally). I could also spend extra time doing all of the fun things that we only get to do around the holidays. 

It's true, I baked a bit; decorated more than in years past and even hosted an extended family gathering... all at relatively minimal stress levels. A minor miracle.

We kept the Advent calendar tradition this year, which the little people enjoy. And the gifts were all wrapped in time for each of the little ones to jostle and shake and guess what might be inside for a few days... building anticipation for our Christmas morning celebration.

I'm a little bit dazed that Gavin is back to school and we're settling back into a normal routine already. I think I had unrealistic expectations, hoping to freeze time a bit more. But even though I was unable to freeze time completely, I did indeed savor the time spent with my family. My gift was the blessing of each and everyone of them. It's a gift that I am so happy to carry with me into the new year.

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