Saturday, January 5, 2013


Sledding yesterday was a unanimous blast. The hill we sledded at is tall and long enough for even the most veteran sledders to shout their thrilled approval. It's also such a great run that walking back up the hill doesn't seem quite so hard. I was so surprised that even Benett and Ellie willingly walked back up time and time again all on their own.

Each of the little people took turns sledding tandem and solo. I picked up a few little sled seats which were on sale last week. They are little more than a square to sit on with a plastic handle to grip, almost resembling flimsy shovels... but those little buggers are fast! Each of us had fun taking our turn... at at $2.99 they were a steal. I may have to stop by and pick up a few more.

When it grew dark, the big light at the top of the hill began to glow so that we could play on. I think Gavin was a little surprised when he asked if it was to go home and both Monte and me said no. It was too much fun to leave. Nobody was cold or tired or wet. We had the entire hill to ourselves too, which made us all feel spoiled.

I wished more than once that I had my camera with me. Watching each of my little ones race down the hill with huge grins was something I wished I could have captured. Maybe, since we're not tired of the snow yet, we'll go back today... and this time, I'll snap a few pictures.

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