Thursday, November 17, 2011


Motivation isn't an automatic thing. There are times in our lives when being motivated seemed like an auto-response to a situation or a place in life. For a long time, being motivated wasn't something that I gave much thought to.

Perhaps it's the proximity to the holidays... or the onset of colder weather... or something else entirely... but I'm finding it difficult to be motivated lately.

I have several ideas and projects and thoughts running through my mind. In a constant whirl they float around in my mind as I ruminate and think things through. Right now it feels easier to spend my time planning than doing. Maybe that's okay.

I don't think that I'm alone in this... Gavin seems to be stuck in a similar rut. He'd like to spend more time relaxing... just hanging around. But instead there are websites to check, homework to be done, flash cards to flash and books that need reading... there's so much to get through each night. He needs a break. We need a break. We're all looking forward to Thanksgiving, and taking a couple of days to relax.

On an upside, we managed to finish his nature diorama tonight... there was a bit of whining involved (audible on his part, silent on mine). But it's done and Gavin is happy with it. I think it's cute. Maybe I'll even snap a picture of it tomorrow, in case anyone is wondering what a 8-year-old's interpretation of a Red Squirrel habitat looks like.

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