Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Some personal affects have been finding their way home from my office. I have collected so much stuff from my years with the company… I bet I have hung onto 75 name tags from various meetings throughout the years. They’re more than just name tags though… to me they’re more like badges earned through life lessons. A little like a Girl Scout earning badges. The only difference is that mine hang in my office and I don’t wear them on a sash while selling cookies.

I’ve managed to hold onto so many things for sentimental reasons… like this hat, for example. It was from a sales meeting in San Antonio. 2005… it was my first year as Marketing Director. It was a fun meeting… a few great memories and a couple funny stories originated there.

Like the name badges, the hat serves as a reminder of a lot of work and some great memories. I’m not particularly fond of the hat… but it made its way home nonetheless.

Now Benett has adopted the hat as his own. He must be pretty fond of it, because tonight the hat wound up in the bath tub. Not sure how that happened… but it was completely submerged. I don’t have the foggiest idea what to do with a soaking wet, misshapen cowboy hat… so it looks like I have a good reason to get rid of it and just keep my memories.

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