Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have a fairly hard and fast rule about bedtimes, especially on school nights. But lately, it's been so difficult to get everything done and still have Gavin to bed by 8 pm.

Of course, Gavin isn't complaining. He likes the extra time, free of little sibling distractions, spent one-on-one with Mom and Dad.

Truth be told, I kind of like it too. Gavin is a very sweet boy, but in that special space in time when the littlest people are tucked into bed and the house becomes quiet, Gavin transforms himself too. As if by magic, he becomes the smallest. He sheds the big brother role and eases into a quieter version of himself... tender and sweet always, but somehow littler.

Eventually, he's spirited off to bed... pleading the entire way to his room, for just five more minutes... I think he knows full well that he won't get five more minutes, but he always asks. He knows, I have rules about bedtime, especially on a school night.

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