Sunday, November 27, 2011


I've decided that it should be mandatory that at least once a month, we take a 4-day weekend. Seriously. Think of how much we could get done... or stay caught up on. (Laundry, I'm thinking about you.)

Aside from the sheer wonderfulness of the long weekend, Thanksgiving was really lovely. I have great memories of holidays, in my growing-up years. Thanksgiving included. So, I find myself spending a lot of time thinking about how to implement special little traditions for my family.

These new traditions that I have in mind are not elaborate. They're not expensive or extravagant... just bits of time spent together doing something special.
Even though they're simple, they never really end up looking like the idyllic picture in my imagination... even so, we enjoyed our time together... watching the parade is still a favorite way to spend Thanksgiving morning... and later in the day soaking up family time.

I know that bits and pieces of our traditions are bound to change and evolve as the little people get older. I'll pretend that I'm okay with that... but if I don't sound enthusiastic, it's only because I treasure these days. The little people won't always be little people. And although I'm excited to see what comes next, I'll really miss their littleness. Their innocence and excitement about the traditions that we're creating now.

Maybe the teenage versions of the little people will still be excited just to spend the day together... and who knows, maybe one will even watch the parade with their mom... no matter if it's a cheesy thing to do.

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