Sunday, September 11, 2011


Twelve years ago today, I married my best friend.

He's more gray now than he was on that day. But I love that shade of gray. It speaks to all of the trials and tribulations... the happiness and joy... the tears... the laughter... it speaks of so many moments that we've lived and cherished in the last twelve years. Moments that I wouldn't trade. For anything.

It's true, Monte chews very loudly and is the world's loudest swallower. He watches an excessive amount of sports television and listens to 80's music... A lot of 80s music.

He does make up for these obvious character flaws, by doing the dishes... Lots and lots of dishes. Allowing me correct his grammar. And by putting up with me in general on a daily basis. He's patient beyond all belief. He's sweet and kind and a little sentimental.

I can't imagine a better dad or husband. I love you Monte. Let's fill the next twelve years with just as much hope and joy and love as the first twelve. (And if you want to try to swallow more quietly, I'd be okay with that.)

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