Thursday, September 8, 2011


Today I've felt like I'm forgetting something. You know, it's that nagging feeling somewhere in the back of your mind suggesting that there is something you've overlooked.

I've searched my memory banks and can't come up with a single thing. Sure there are plenty of things that I could have done today, which unfortunately, I just couldn't get to... most days seem to be like that lately. Yet I can't figure out this feeling that there is something else.

I'll figure it out... sooner or later. Maybe, I should take a page from Benett’s book. His 4-step technique seems to give him a very clear-cut picture of the world.
  1. Examine things very closely.
  2. Ask loads of questions.
  3. Get a snack.
  4. Take a nap. (Sleep solves so many problems.)

With any luck, I’ll wake up tomorrow refreshed and ready to tackle my day so I can head into the weekend without that icky nagging feeling and a clear picture of my world. 

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