Tuesday, September 27, 2011


My kids have learned, by being siblings, to take careful stock of their environment. They have formed a sixth sense in that regard. It's as though Gavin knows the second he’s walked into a room that Benett has played with and subsequently moved one of his most beloved possessions.

Benett likewise, has learned to keep a watchful eye on his brother. He knows that just when he’s feeling most in control, Gavin will swoop in and set things right… there is obviously an unspoken rule that little brothers never get to run the show. Ever.

This relationship, albeit challenging at times, has been wonderful (lively) to watch unfold. Seemingly from the second that Benett was born, Gavin has been protective and loving, competitive and a thoughtful all at once. I don’t think there is jealousy… I hope there hasn’t been… we’ve worked hard to see that each of these boys, because of their competitive nature, are given time and opportunities to be individuals in their own unique stage of development.

So just when they think they have this sibling hierarchy figured out... we introduce another person into the equation... and look how the whole dynamic changes! Poor Ellie... I think she's going to be a rough and tough little girl... because her brothers treat her just like one of the boys.

No children were harmed in the making of this photo story... although Benett was on the receiving end of a stern warning (again) about "neck hugs."

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