Friday, September 30, 2011


When you're three and smallish, it's tough to not be the center of attention. Despite this fact, Benett has been so good about letting Gavin enjoy his birthday and all of the wrapped packages that go along with it.

He asks softly if he can open a gift too... gingerly taking a wrapped package from a bag... hoping that if he's quiet big brother won't notice. Not the case...

So, Benett has decided that he's going to do all of the fun things that Gavin in doing, "in a week, for my second birthday." Then he proceeds to nod his head vigorously, eyebrows raised in question... his little eyes pleading, "please, mom..."

We just nod right back at him. Silently agreeing.

But Benett won't be daunted. He works extra hard to prove that he's growing up and worthy of big-boy things... Mom and Dad brought over the tiny little two-wheel (actually four wheel) bike that Gavin learned to ride on, at their house. Benett hopped on it and pedaled away as fast as his little legs could go... he didn't look back and he didn't slow down.

Proof that he's ready for the big-boy limelight too.

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