Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Hello morning routine, I've missed you. I've missed the orderliness of you. I'm not so sure the rest of my family would agree... but me, we'll I'm happy for school-year routines and the imposed timeline that public transportation creates.

We were rusty this morning, but not bad. I made sure we had time for the requisite First Day of School Photos. It was fun photographing Gavin on his special day... he's gotten so big. As I looked at all of the photos we took and I was struck by how much he's grown since last year.

I have to make a conscious effort to remind myself that he's just a little boy... because he's not at all small, physically. He also has a sense about things that makes him seem much older than his 7 young years would suggest.

Our Gavin is a very sweet and special boy, who makes me crazy at least once a day. I love him to pieces. And if I'd been strong enough not to cry, I would have said these words to him this morning, "Congratulations, Gavin. I love you so very much. I know you'll do great things, in the second grade and beyond." He would have looked at me and said, "Okay."

It seems like my heart was screaming those things... but my mouth didn't say them. Instead I gave him a hug and just said, "Have fun! And don't forget that your milk-break snack is in your backpack..." as he ran down the driveway towards the waiting bus and his future.

Then I turned around and saw these two hooligans... and I realized why I don't have clean windows. Ever.

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