Friday, August 3, 2012


Everything was covered in dew this morning. It is so great to see some signs that the hot and dry weather may be changing a bit. It's amazing how that little bit of water can breathe new life into a weary landscape.

I'm beginning to really enjoy the early morning hours, before the house is a buzz with activity. The quiet calm is my time. I don't get to sit and enjoy it every morning... but on days like today, when I can savor it, I realize how precious it is. I never thought of myself as a morning person... but maybe that is beginning to change.

Today Gavin has an outing, so it's just going to be Benett, Ellie and me. It's amazing to me how much the dynamic changes when the lineup is different. I predict that by the end of the day there will be a huge mess of toys on the living room floor. Benett and Ellie tend to play big when their big brother is gone. They're fun to watch... and considerably less fun to chase after at clean-up time. We'll have fun nonetheless.

I hear that my quiet time is nearing an end... Since Ellie loves to 'help' me type, I think it's best if I sign off for now. I hope you have some quiet time of your own to savor today.

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