Friday, August 31, 2012


I came across this picture on my phone today and it made me realize that summer is almost over. This photo seems like it was snapped just a few days ago, and at the time, it seemed like we had all the time in the world. The sun was warm and the air was filled with the smell of sunscreen and the sweet sound of laughter... just the way a summer day should feel.

Now the days are getting shorter and the nights turning cool. I do enjoy the transition to Autumn, but there is something about the back to school time that feels final. Like fun needs to be metered and the sunscreen put away. That must go back to when I was a kid, in nervous anticipation of the first day back to school.

There's still fun to be had and as we get back into the school-year routine, we won't let the shorter days tell us that we can't have fun just because our laid-back summer is over.

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