Tuesday, August 7, 2012


My love affair with Pinterest continues. I know I'm not alone... after all, with all of the fantastic images and good ideas to be found there, it's hard to stay away. Some ideas are better than others, and I love a site I've recently found that digs into those fantastic looking pictures and supposed great ideas. 

Since the little people and I are looking for fun new things to try every day, Pinterest is a great source for inspiration. We've got a few boards that we refer to for photography ideas or crafty endeavors. Yesterday seemed like a perfect day to try some sidewalk chalk photos. All of the little people were good sports, but I was surprised at how eager Ellie was to participate. That little girl surprises me each and every day.

I think my favorite photo from the day was this one of Benett coaching Ellie on how to make a 'floating away with balloons' expression. He is such a big brother... always ready to lend a hand.

I'm not sure if we'll try this again... we didn't fill in our picture enough to make the chalk colors pop. I have also decided that photographing from a ladder isn't really my thing. I just do much better with my feet planted firmly on the ground. Literally and figuratively.

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