Friday, August 10, 2012


All of the sudden, Benett has become a ham for the camera. In this photo he was "eating" an ice cream cup, with some chocolate sauce. I burst out laughing and just had to snap a shot of him... But actually, Benett will take any opportunity to pose and make some kind of goofy face. I'm happy to oblige most times, but I swear... I'd like to get a picture of someone else from time to time, without Benett lurking in the corner of the frame.

I should enjoy it while it lasts. I know there will come a time when letting Mom take his picture won't rank very high on Benett's priority list. Gavin is slowly becoming more camera shy. He's got such a great smile and a silly personality, but I guess being almost nine means that smiling for the camera isn't always cool.

Since we don't have much on tap for the weekend, I think we'll try to get everyone in front of the camera. The willing and the not-so-willing alike.

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