Monday, August 6, 2012


I feel like we need to be retrained to spend time outside, during the day. The hot and humid weather has kept us indoors for the last several weeks, with the air conditioning blasting. But now, the weather has been quite lovely and yet we don't automatically think to spend time in it.

While we've been holed up inside, the gals have been venturing out from their coop, further and further each day.  It's fun to see them bravely (in a tentative sort of way) exploring more of their home. We're enjoying the new members of our flock although I'm not sure the two 'old gals' would say the same. They have been spending their days keeping the young ones in line... I suppose I can relate.

Maybe the little people and I will brave the back yard ourselves this afternoon... find a little shade and play in the fresh air. I have no doubt the gals will find us and play alongside too.

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