Thursday, October 6, 2011


At the risk of sounding like the crazy chicken lady that I may be evolving into, don't you think this gal is a beauty?

On these warm days, she seems to soak up the sun... spending a little extra time preening. She fastidiously cleans under her wings and her tail feathers are so fluffy... she just shines.

But this gal has seemed a little nervous and until tonight I didn't really understand why. She's very tame and enjoys human company, eating dandelion greens and clover when fed by hand. She's gentle with the little people too.

Her coop-mates, on the other hand, are decidedly less... congenial.

Tonight, I decided it was time to play chicken whisperer to the wildish gals. (They all need names... maybe that's a project for this month...) I started by picking this gal up to show the others that it was going to be okay. Well, she instantly settled into the crook of my arm. She was no longer anxious, and allowed the littlest people to pet her and pamper her with clover. She was in chicken heaven. She only needed some attention... Not unlike us humans, I guess.

I tried the same technique with the other two, but after chasing them around the coop for several minutes... much to the delight of the little people... and by the time I finally caught them and they stopped flapping and squawking and carrying-on... I wasn't all that interested in whispering.

I think I may be okay with having only one tame chicken.

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