Monday, October 24, 2011


He's a friendly and outgoing boy, yet I worry about him. I worry that he doesn't have friends... or more accurately, the kind of friends that are really friends. I just don't want him to get wrapped up with those kids who will take advantage of his generosity and friendliness, for their own gain or amusement.

I don't want him to be hurt.

There isn't any specific reason for my worry... maybe it's just because boys are so different than girls. He doesn't have a best pal... someone with whom he's connected at the hip. He is happy to play with anyone... all kinds of boys and girls. But since I'm not sure how the boy-friendship thing works, I worry a little.

Monte talks about growing up in town, and how playing with neighbors or pick-up baseball games was his childhood reality... Gavin doesn't have that opportunity, so we make every effort to get him together with friends.

Yet, I ask Gavin every day who he played with and what they did, with the intensity of a detective on a hot lead.

"Who did you sit with on the bus?"
"Did you play with a new friend at recess?"
"How is 'so-and-so' today?"

Each day the response is the same...

"I sat behind 'so-and-so' on the bus. I like to sit by myself, Mom."
"I think I played with 'so-and-so' at recess... but I can't remember..."

He's not worried. He's happy, so I should be too... I should be content that he's just fine playing with or sitting with, who ever he'd like (or not). Yes, it's a jungle out there, but this boy is friendly and outgoing... and he'll be just fine.

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