Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Both Monte and I are tired, to the bone, tonight.

Between Benett's late night marauding and Ellie's midnight crying jag, we didn't get much sleep. The alarm went off way too soon at 4:10 this morning. Today was a long commute day, for me... a long day in general.

So, tonight Benett got his wish... to "watch a Woody moving." (Toy Story 3) Benett just loves the adventure and we happily let him enjoy it, so we could relax a bit.

It was nice to just sit, which little bodies cuddling in my lap. It felt right. It was very relaxing. There is something about having a full lap that will just set things right... no matter how tired I might be.

We need to get rested up... this weekend we have some things in mind... carving pumpkins for sure, but we might also try our hand at making some applesauce. Our lovely neighbor shared a jar with us, and the kids gobbled it up. I think it's a project we can do as a family... and it feels like a great way to spend the last weekend of October.

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